Solutions for Telcos

Interactive spaces for businesses and consumers to discover, design and purchase solutions

Telco’s offerings have expanded greatly over the past decade and telcos are becoming full ICT service providers. Telecommunications is an increasingly complex and competitive sector and leading telcos are transforming their retail environment into a channel where they can engage with customers, let them explore solutions, facilitate transactions and provide support.

Engagis has extensive experience in creating digital touchpoints for telco retail and flagship telcos.

The new telco retail environment is a place where consumers and businesses can connect with experts, learn, work – with coffee and free wi-fi, obtain product information, attend workshops and events, speak with remote experts via videoconferencing, touch and feel the latest handsets, see product demos and make purchases.

Now, customers are looking for more than mobile and broadband services. They want to know more about security, smart homes, video conferencing and collaboration and how to increase the mobility of their staff.

The new telco retail space showcases technology solutions in simulated real life situations so customers can easily put themselves in the picture.

Digital Signage and interactive applications are core to the store’s design and the customer’s experience is managed through a digital concierge service.

Content delivery is managed through a cloud-based platform and can be updated easily and delivered according to a pre-set schedule or tailored for a particular store or screen, time of day, marketing campaign, etc.

Attract customers with Attract screens

The purpose of attract screens is to increase traffic into your store.

They are outward facing LCD screens, and can be single, double or triple depending on how much space you have available.

Content for Attract screens can be video, animations or a sequence of still images featuring branding, lifestyle videos, promotions or new product announcements.

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Key information on your Entrance Screen

The Entrance screen is normally a smaller, ‘portrait screen’, near the entrance of your store that displays useful information for your customers such as opening hours, whether you have foreign language speakers, store manager name and contact information.

Where there is large amount of information, a second screen can be placed underneath.

The benefit of a digital Entrance screen is that the information can be easily updated.

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Showcase your products

Now that your customers are inside your store, your objective is more about communicating information to help them make a purchase – the latest handsets, new pricing plans, product specs and product comparisons. Digital signage allows you to provide helpful information to your customers in a compelling format.

Physical devices such as mobile handsets – that customers can touch and feel – complemented by digital signage is a powerful combination.

Typically, multiple screens are most effective here, either two or three portrait screens side by side or a matrix formation – two by two – landscape screens.

Alternatively. The information can be made available on a tablet. For example, a mobile phone could be mounted next to a tablet and the the tablet allows the customer to search for detailed information about the particular phone plus product comparisons, technical specifications and mobile plans.

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Reduce printing and distribution costs with digital brochures

Printing product brochures can be a significant cost and because products and prices are constantly changing, printed brochures can become redundant very quickly. And paper brochures look out of place in a store that is focused on selling the latest technology.

Digital, or ‘tap and take’ brochures from Engagis lets your customers download the brochures they want and have them sent to themselves via email.

But it’s more powerful than this. Customers can assemble their own brochure or collateral pack or answer lifestyle questions and have collateral created for them based on their specific requirements.

The customer emails the brochure to themself and you can capture their contact details for follow-up.

Feature LED Display

Not only do LED displays create a dramatic highlight in your store, they can be fully customised to fit the available area, and can even be curved or transparent.

LED displays are bright, engaging and give a high tech look and feel to your store.

Typically, they can be positioned at the back of the store but can be mounted anywhere where there is sufficient area and where you want to create a strong focal point.

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Managing your customer’s experience

Every customer is valuable so their first impressions are important plus you want to help them get the most out of their visit to your store.

Your sales staff or a dedicated concierge, with the assistance of Queue Manager from Engagis, can greet your customers, schedule meetings with consultants and if necessary place them in a virtual queue. A wait time display can be installed or an SMS message can be sent to your visitors to let them know their consultant is ready.

To make things more convenient for your customers, they can pre-book meetings online or register for in-store events, workshops and briefings.

Your customers will feel like they are valued and being looked after.

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Easy updates with electronic shelf labels

In addition to phones and tablets, you will be retailing a range of lower value items and accessories such as phone cases, chargers, earbuds, etc.

Electronic shelf labels allow you to easily update pricing and product description as your inventory changes.

Sell from your whole catalogue, not just what you can show in-store

Why restrict your sales to what you can display, particularly when there is a strong demand for accessories such as
phone cases, headsets and chargers?

Eze Find from Engagis, which is an endless aisle solution, lets customers search your entire catalogue, order the products they want, then ‘click and collect’ or ‘click and deliver’.

Eze Find helps you maximise your revenue per sale and your revenue per store.

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Get analytics from your store like it’s a website

Retail can be frustrating because your visitors are largely anonymous. However, digital signage can be enhanced to help you and understand the flow of customers in your store and collect useful analytics such as engagement levels for various screens, even the age, gender and expression of your visitors.

This allows you to understand the demographics of your customers – which will vary by location – and test and tailor messaging within your store.


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