Modern Workplace

Driving improved business performance through better staff engagement, internal communication and culture.

Engagis helps organisations create the modern workplace through a range of digital engagement solutions.

Here, we are providing a set of resources to help organisations understand their current position, what’s possible and the business benefits of improved communication and collaboration and deploying modern workplace solutions.


Citigroup case study: internal communications

Learn how digital signage can be used to improve staff communication across multiple sites as part of an integrated internal communications plan

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Video: staff engagement drives business results

In this video, Engagis chairman, Leon Condon, discusses how organisations can communicate better with their staff, improve peer to peer collaboration, run more effective meetings and better manage physical resources such as meeting rooms, workspaces and reception.

Discovery Checklists: evaluate your current position

Evaluate how engaged your staff are and how well set up you are for collaboration and meetings across multiple sites, including home.

Senior leadership [PDF]
HR/People and culture [PDF]
Internal/Corporate comms [PDF]
Facilities Management/IT [PDF]

LinkedIn article: internal communications is a strategic function

Only 2% of CEO’s read staff engagement results even though it is a key driver of business performance.

Learn how an effective internal communication function can break down silos, improve collaboration, improve productivity and turn your staff into your best ambassadors.

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Whitepaper: culture and engagement drive profitability

Companies with high staff engagement scores generate 26% extra revenue. Company culture and communications drive staff engagement and therefore productivity and profitability.

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Video: How specific solutions create positive business outcomes

In this video, discover what solutions are available to help you create the modern workplace for your organisation

Blog: the challenge of content management

Setting up a communications structure, such as digital signage is one thing, but success only happens when you have an effective process for creating, curating and distributing content.

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Infographic: what do modern workplace solutions look like?

The infographic will help you easily visualise how and where modern workplace solutions can be deployed.

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Video: content creation platform

This cloud based platform simplifies how you create and distribute digital signage content through the simple updating of pre-created templates along with an approval workflow.