Transition & Migration Services

You’ve invested in digital signage, but you’re not totally happy

Many organisations have already made a significant investment in multi-site digital signage solutions, but often, these ‘networks’ are not performing effectively in terms of ROI or technically they may be using outdated hardware or suffering from outages.

Here’s a list if of the areas where your current digital signage may be underperforming and where there is potential for improvement.

  • Hardware (media players or screens) are out of date or out of warranty
  • Content Management System (CMS) has been superseded and has limited functionality or poor user interface. Cloud based solutions are the best option
  • Some vendors and service providers are reducing their commitment to digital signage or planning to exit the market. This means no support and no options for upgrading hardware or the CMS. The risk of blank screens significantly increases
  • 24 / 7 Customer Support not being provided
  • Customer Support is too expensive
  • Proactive monitoring of network not being provided
  • SLA’s (service level agreement) not being offered for screen or content management system uptime
  • Turn around time to upload new content is too slow and process is cumbersome
  • Paying too much or above market price
  • ROI or business value hasn’t been quantified or demonstrated
  • CMS is not secure
  • CMS cannot support other applications such as Visitor Management, queue management and event management

Improving your digital signage network

If you have an existing digital signage network and want to make improvements, there are various options. To keep things simple and get the most from their current investment, customers often choose to keep their existing screens and make other changes. However, screens can also be switched out and upgraded.

Simple improvements include:

Engagis is an expert at digital signage migration

Engagis not only has extensive experience designing and deploying digital media networks, we also have extensive experience in migrating all or part of a solution from other providers. We have been privileged to have had the opportunity to run migration programs for Suncorp, Australia Post and other leading organisations. We have migrated hundreds of stores, branches and retail outlets to the Engagis network.

Engagis has a thorough and proven migration project methodology which means customers can improve their digital media networks and most likely save money without worrying about the risk of transition. CMS, or content management system software, can even be migrated remotely, which is even more cost effective.

Taking the first step

If you’re not totally happy with your current digital media network or current supplier, we would love to speak to you.

We will be able to:

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