Interactive Product Catalogues

Empower customers to find and compare the products they want with an ease, from your entire inventory

It’s great when you can get customers into your store, but how can you sell stock that’s in your warehouse but not in your store? How can you help customers find exactly what they are looking for amongst a plethora of choices? How can you bring your stock to life so customers are motivated to buy? And how can you empower customers to ‘self serve’ when your staff are busy?

Eze Find 1

Eze Find is a cloud-based solution from Engagis that helps customers easily browse, find and compare products, from your entire catalogue. So you have the option to ship directly from your warehouse to the customer.

Eze Find can bring your products to life and make them more appealing as well a providing all the information required for your customers to make an informed choice. You can incorporate video, 3D models, compelling imagery, text and product comparisons.

If the customer needs more time to make a decision, or digest the information, Eze Find can provide them with a ‘takeaway’ which they can review online at home.

Eze Find Features

Showcase All Of Your Products

Showcase all your products whether they are in your store or in your warehouse.

All product details are pulled from your existing database and Eze Find ensures product info is always up to date.

Intuitive browsing and filtering provide all the information your customer needs with just a few touches.

Empower Staff and Improve Customer Service

Provide staff with simple and effective way to help customers locate products and guide them through all the product details.

Add value to the in-store experience and empower customers to quickly and easily find your products.

Compare products side by side, so customers can make an informed decision with ease.

Simple Content Management

Eze Find uses a centralised content management system across all your stores and applications.

Products can easily be added or removed from your online catalogue and prices, description and imagery can be uploaded once and delivered instantly to all your stores. Eze Find can deliver content to thousands of devices.

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