Eze Rewards

Tailored offers that improve customer experience and build a long term loyalty

Reward your customers by gathering relevant information and deliver powerful and measurable campaigns.

Eze Rewards delivers personalised, contextual, relevant, and timely offers to consumers in a way that ensures high delivery and recall rates, without being intrusive.

The application sends highly personalised offers via mobile, to consumers to actually improve their shopping experience and actively work to maintain brand perception. The end result is increased average basket value and frequency of visit.

By generating customer experiences and offers that are relevant and tailored to individuals we create long term loyalty, not just short term buying behaviours. Using customer profiling, personalised offers and rich real time data, an effective mobile loyalty programs allows you to guide, inform, persuade, prompt and befriend customers.

Unlike other Loyalty and Rewards providers, Engagis are uniquely positioned to send these offers to consumers not only Mobile & App Notifications; but also by triggering personalised content on digital signage in retail environments based on the customer’s physical location. This allows us to deliver cut through promotional messaging to customers without intruding or annoying via Mobile App Notifications or other direct communication methods.

Eze Rewards Key Features

Promotional targeting

Loyalty points for offers

Location‐based messaging

Mobile payments for offers

Campaign management

Reporting and real time analytics

Delivering thoughtful promotions

  • Strengthen relationships with top customers through personalised offers
  • Offer the convenience of mobile coupons and a mobile loyalty club
  • Increase throughput at the checkout stand/check‐in counter to keep lines moving

Attracting customers to spend more

  • Increase revenue per visit with ‘just in time’ in‐store specials and promotions
  • Attract new customers via location‐based marketing
  • Rich real time data and customer profiling