Eze Wifi App

Engage and provide relevant content to your customers at the point of sale

Engage your customers and deliver targeted promotions and offers though our user-friendly WiFi App.

Providing customers with a relevant and personalized experience includes allowing shoppers access to Wi-Fi. If you are allowing your customers to access wireless use that to your advantage, as smartphones and tablets are providing new and innovative ways to sell services and attract customers.

The WiFi App enables you to engage customers and showcase products and services that may not necessarily be visible in store. Using the WiFi App as a stand-alone solution, or coupled with digital signage to display tailored dynamic content, you can create a compelling experience that gives customers reasons to spend more, stay longer, and keep coming back.

Through the Eze WiFi App, each customer is able to view and receive promotions, which they can claim immediately in store. What’s more, the App allows for site specific, tailored content allowing super targeted messaging across all locations.

The Eze WiFi App is also a valuable information portal, capable of publishing instant updates, news feeds and videos. To make it easier for customers, the Eze WiFi App requires absolutely no download and is outfitted to work across all mobile platforms.

Promote Relevant & Personalised Offers

  • Deliver relevant and targeted promotions
  • Highlight special and time limited offers
  • Introduce loyalty & referral programs

Invite customers to connect to in-store WiFi and discover tailored product offers and content via your own Eze WiFi App.On-site Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile engagement enable you to capture data that provides deeper insight into how campaigns and content are performing – useful for improving your approach over time.

Engage & Entertain

  • Capture the attention and increase the dwell time
  • Provide news, games and other interactive content
  • Reduce perceived wait time with direct mobile entertainment

Encourage customers to explore by showcasing your product catalog and special promotions within the App.

Improve Service & Customer satisfaction

  • Empower self service with ordering service
  • Instantly redeem promotions with limited time offers
  • Offer appointment booking
  • Capture and reward customer feedback

Limited time offers encourage up sell and take away content extends engagement after their visit.

Product Features

Integration with Product Catalogue

Enables customers to browse, compare store products, and customise attributes easily using their mobile devices, through integration with our very own Eze FindTM software.

Analytics Integration

Our Analytics feature enables the WiFi App to capture customer interactions by measuring time spent, page views, and keystroke tracking.

Newsletter Subscriptions

Subscribe to email campaigns and newsletters, resulting in increased engagement, repeat purchases, ongoing communications and customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Measure customer loyalty through its Net Promoter Score (NPS) Tracker feature. NPS is increasingly being used by major brands across the globe as a single, reliable measure of success.

Interactive Games

Introduce interactive games to ensure customers are motivated to stay inside the store for extended periods, allowing you to increase engagement, browsing, product knowledge, brand recognition and purchasing opportunities.