Leon Condon, Engagis CEO, presents at the Adobe Symposium (2018) on how to integrate online and offline customer journeys and get a greater share of the approximately 90% of retail transactions that are happening in physical spaces.

Personalization in Retail

One of the key benefits of cloud-based digital signage or digital media is the ability to tailor content by screen, location, weather, time of day, age and gender of the viewer etc. In this video, Leon Condon, Engagis CEO, talks about some real life examples that will stimulate your thinking about how you can communicate with a large and dispersed audience but in a personal way

The future of retail

The retail environment is changing rapidly. While the majority of retail transactions happen in-store, at least part of the customer journey is online. Smart retailers are bridging both online and physical/offline and using digital media and digital signage to capture valuable data to enhance the personalisation of messaging and offers.

Visualisation, which drives emotional engagement as well as efficiently communicating information, can be done though images, video or augmented reality using holograms

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