Retail 2020 | 5 Technologies that will change the way you shop

Retail shopping will change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 1000 years. These are 5 pieces of technology that will change the way you shop.

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Bringing it all together

Engagis designs and delivers digital media solutions for organisations that want to engage with their customers and staff in physical spaces in more meaningful and effective ways.

Organisations choose Engagis when delivery, performance, quality and accountability are important. Some of Australia’s most well-known brands trust Engagis to deploy and manage their digital media solutions.

Engagis offers all the elements of a digital media solution – strategy and journey design, test and learn, hardware sourcing and installation, software (off the shelf and custom), content creation and distribution and solution management – with full end to end accountability.

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Going the extra Mile

Delivery is in our DNA. We go above and beyond, even when uncontrollable things don’t go according to plan to, to make sure our solutions are installed on time – and working 100%.

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Personalisation in Retail

Personalised content that is discoverable, reusable, adaptable and reconfigurable opens up avenues which we can reach and engage our audience, enriching the customer journey and enhancing the customer experience.

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The Future of Retail

Customers are seeking a richer experience in store, enabled by digital technology, but one that complements the experience they are having online with your brand. Typically, the purchase process is a mix of online and offline (physical) experiences, so the physical retail store has an important and complementary role.

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The inspiration for Engagis

Engagis is about digital engagement, particularly in the physical space and we’re aspiring to be recognised globally as a provider of digital experiences, delightful digital experiences even, that deliver real business outcomes. We’ve got the agility, the flexibility and responsiveness to innovate and customise, plus we have the strength and size and capacity to scale with clients as they roll these solutions out.

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How Compass by Engagis helps people navigate expansive or complex spaces