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Beam is an interactive, projection-based games system for children which uses an innovative 3D motion sensor and camera. The perfect children’s entertainment solution.

An almost limitless number of games can be downloaded and children use their hands or feet to play games and interact with the chosen virtual environment.

For the children, it’s lots of fun, laughter and smiles and they can burn up energy by becoming physically engaged with each other and the game but Beam can also used for learning and as a complement to formal learning programs.

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Keeping children entertained is good for business

The proliferation of smartphones means that keeping children occupied has become relatively painless, but how do you help them get active, socially engaged and learning about teamwork?

Engagis has partnered with Eyeclick to provide interactive games for children by projecting a virtual environment onto a floor, table or wall. The solution, called Beam, can transform surfaces into exciting play spaces and virtual worlds – like a digital playground in a physical space.

How are businesses using Beam

Childcare centres use Beam to entertain children, promote learning and provide a point of difference from other child care centres, stimulating enrolments. And because it’s virtual, no disinfecting is required.

For fast food restaurants, Beam is a reason to come back and stay longer. It also gives parents an opportunity to take a moment and relax.

Schools can use Beam to complement formal learning programs and encourage friendly competition and cooperation.

For shopping centres, Beam, is a drawcard for children, respite for parents and there is also the opportunity to incorporate advertising.

Organisations such as Councils or Government service providers often need to manage a queue of customers. Beam is ideal for keeping children occupied while the adults are waiting to be served. Similarly, hospitals can use Beam, in a dedicated area for example, to entertain children during family visits.

Event Cinemas incorporated Beam into the design of their ‘Event Junior’ cinema at Macquarie Centre, Sydney. Event Cinemas created an immersive, kid-friendly play and movie experience that allows parents to relax and take some time out. The interactive playground will attract more families and provides them with a reason to return more often.

Kid Friendly Cinema

New kid friendly Aussie cinema 'Event Junior' aims to take the stress out of a trip to the movies 🍿

Posted by Sunrise on Thursday, October 24, 2019

The solution

Different beam units are available depending on whether you are projecting on the floor, ceiling or wall. An internet connection and electricity are required. Starter packs are available with 8 – 10 games depending on the chosen unit.

Engagis performs staging & testing and configures all equipment prior to dispatch, storage, shipping & handling and field installation. Support is available from the 24/7 Engagis support centre.

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