Deep Frame

Transforming the world before your eyes

Thanks to technological advancements, our definition of reality is expanding. DeepFrame is a revolutionary mixed-reality display that sets new standards by merging the real and virtual world, to produce visualizations where physical and digital elements blend in real-time.

Spectators can collectively experience lifelike animations in any size and at any distance without the use of traditional and immersive VR eyewear. Enhancing reality, DeepFrame brings to life experiences and entertainment beyond the imagination – and for all to see.

A new dimension of interaction & experience


Imagine bringing history to life: Reconstructing ancient cities or modern architectural achievements or reviving prehistoric reptiles that once roamed the Earth.

Imagine discovering the wonder of science: Magnifying the scale of the human body’s cells or the particles that make up the very beginning of time; traveling to faraway galaxies to discover new constellations.

DeepFrame pushes the limits of human experience to provide museums and learning centers with location-based encounters that allow the audience to engage and interact with the physical space. Rather than transposing the individual through the use of headsets or special glasses, DeepFrame brings the audience together to experience enhanced reality from exactly where they stand.

Deep Frame 1

Seeing is believing

Marking a new evolution in interaction, DeepFrame seamlessly blends human, environmental and technological input to create experiences and entertainment that meld physical reality with 3D digital content. The largest of its kind, DeepFrame is window-like display that consists of a high-precision optical lens, combined with a curved OLED screen that projects digital content through the lens to create a virtual layer on top of reality.

By layering augmented digital content over an actual physical space, DeepFrame transforms our surroundings, creating life-like scenarios you and the environment around them can see, experience and interact with.