Interactive Kiosks

Get your customers to touch, swipe and interact with your digital kiosks

The intuitive and interactive nature of touch screen kiosks makes them an extremely popular and highly useful in retail environments. Many consumers feel more comfortable using self-service kiosks than waiting in line or dealing face-to-face with store personnel.

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Nowadays consumers demand more interactive features and freedom of choice when they make purchases. Thus more and more retailers, government and financial institutions are adopting kiosks into their daily operations.

At Engagis we help brands engage with customers in creative, innovative, dynamic and rewarding ways. What sets us a part is that we look after the entire process from start to finish including initial concept design, procurement, installation, support and maintenance.

We work closely with our clients, taking the time to understand their brand, customers and their customer’s journey. This knowledge is then used to align our expertise and creativity with the brand, and deliver the best project solution.

Engagis interactive kiosks are tailored to match customers goals and to the customer’s experience. The ability to develop hardware, software and user interface means each reinforces the other to maximise overall benefit. As true end to end supplier, Engagis takes care of design, procurement, installation and support thus decreasing costs, delivering return on investment.

Key Advantages

Design & Procurement
Control of the design and procurement process allows us to guarantee the product quality. Our project managers make sure that we deliver cost effective solutions.

Support & Maintenance
Engagis offer support contracts based on a variety of SLAs, dependent on customer need. Ease of maintenance is central to the development of Engagis products from the outset.

Installation & Roll-out
An experienced in house deployment and installation teams have in depth product knowledge and guarantee smooth installation process from start to finish.

Engagis Interactive Kiosk Options

Freestanding kiosks

Engagis provides a range of free standing kiosk enclosures.  You can choose one of our many stands designed to cater various touch devices, from small tablets to large touch screens. Our interactive kiosk software is managed by a powerful, yet simple to use cloud based CMS.

Wall mounted kiosks

If you are planning to introduce wall mounted interactive displays to your staff and customers Engagis can provide a vast range of tablets, and touch screens to accommodate every space. Our team of experts can survey your site, and provide a recommendation of wall brackets, best installation practices and much more.

Kiosk desk holders

Desk stands, or holders for kiosks solutions are growing in popularity. Engagis understands that every business is unique and has a range of desk stands capable of addressing all of your needs. From fixed, extendable, flexible, and detachable our stand portfolio can accommodate your business. If you are looking for a custom design, we can help with that as well.

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