Safety Solutions for Roadways and Waterways

LED signage with radar and responsive messaging to improve safety on our roads and waterways

Clear and informative LED signage, coupled with speed detection, can help protect the vulnerable in our community – whether it’s school children, young families, the elderly or workers on a construction project.

Managing risk is not only important, it’s also important to be seen to be managing risks and having concrete measures in place.

Safety Solutions for Roadways and Waterways 1

100% Australian designed and manufactured, the Speed Awareness Monitors from Engagis are built for continuous and commercial usage. Each product includes radar, speed indicator, messaging and data collection but features vary between models, so choose the model that works best for your situation.

There are two distinct products ranges, one for roads and one for waterways. All models are built for harsh external environments.

And of course, the Speed Awareness Monitor range of products come with first-class support from Engagis.


A Speed display sign with a separate static message which can be customised.

The Roadrunner collects data such as traffic count, time/date,
direction of traffic, vehicle speed, speed zone, under-speed count, and over-speed count.

The data is stored on an upgradable USB drive, capable of storing millions of data records.

T-Zero Base

Competitively priced, the T-Zero Base Model includes remote communication using 4G which means valuable data can be collected without visiting the site.

T-Zero Plus

T-Zero Plus cannot only capture photos, it can also live stream video from the site.

All images are time-stamped with the vehicles speed and are upload the the cloud where they can be accessed using a login

T-Zero Mobile

Ideal for road crews because it is easy to move around, the T-Zero Mobile unit is designed and equipped to operate 24/7.

Its power system consists of two solar
panels that provide enough power to run the device and charge the onboard battery system, providing continuous operation through the night.

T-Zero Scout Radar

Collects watercraft behaviour statistics on marine waterways.

It comes in weatherproof housing, runs on 12V (battery) and low power consumption. It can run up to 26 days before requiring a recharge.

It is equipped with a 4G modem for remote access to all collected data. Can be used at a distance of up to 150m and has speed detection 4-60 knots

T-Zero Scout Lidar

The T-Zero Scout Lidar, not only tracks and collects waterway behaviour, it can also collect information about passing vessels such as Vessel Category (small/large pleasure craft, Yacht, Ferry, Barge, Ship) Vessel Height, Vessel Length. It has Lower speed detection down to 1 knot and can be used in a range of up to 180m.

T-Zero Patrol

T-Zero Patrol is an LED speed sign display designed specifically for waterways. It runs on solar and battery power and is built to resist corrosion.

The aim of the T-Zero Patrol is the safety of swimmers, vessels and anybody enjoying waterways.

It has been designed to be mounted onto existing channel markers or structures.

T-Zero Sentinel

The worlds first Marine 3D-360 LIDAR Speed Camera and survelliance system, designed for Government departments so they can monitor marine waterways for safety, search and rescue, border patrol, intelligence surveillance and harbour control.

All without any human input, 365 days a year.

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