How Digital Signage Images Affect Customer Engagement

Digital signage is an effective form of visual communication that companies can use to display products and important information for their brand. These forms of marketing have revolutionised the way that people shop, creating an immersive, visually stimulating experience. Some common examples of digital signage are LED displays and LCD monitors which come in a whole range of different form factors and configurations. These smart screens can play videos and any other visual format and display things like menus, directions, marketing messages and many other things. Good digital signage is something that is visually appealing and has a clean and concise message. Effective digital signage should draw the customer into the business or store, or help drive a better experience once they are in-store. Your digital signage can help increase customer engagement by providing relevant information or educational content for them to watch while shopping or interactive screens that can help with locating a product.

When deciding on the graphics for your digital signage, it’s important to consider how certain images may be perceived by people shopping in the store. You need to make sure to use clear, good-quality images. Colours or graphics that are too bright or busy may be overwhelming for customers and may deter them from coming into the store: it’s important to find a balance. Certain colours reflect different types of store atmospheres, so consider what kind of mood and experience you want your customers to have when entering your store. The experience you create will form the basis of that customer’s relationship with your business or product. It’s also important to consider your brand guidelines for consistency between what you are displaying on the screens, online and in your physical spaces. Before investing in digital signage for your business ask yourself: what do I want my customers to take away from this? What are some key points of information and imagery that I believe sum up my company?

Purchasing high-quality digital signage products may be a costly exercise but it is an important investment in the long run. With effective content management and automation platforms like Impress and Storya, digital signage assets can be instantly scheduled to any of your screens and can be chopped and changed however you see fit. This means that they are also a better alternative to your standard printed signs, which end up being thrown away and replaced every few months. This also allows you to keep up with different online marketing trends that come about with lower cost and planning needed to change things up.

Digital Signage

So, what exactly are consumers looking for in digital signage? As discussed earlier, something clean and concise is most effective, with images and videos that aren’t too overwhelming for a viewer. While younger customers may be more familiar with digital signage, for example using touch screens for directions or to order food, it’s important to consider how older generations may be affected. Customers are always looking for brands and products that appeal to their interests and needs. Sometimes the simplest way to appeal to a customer’s interests and needs is to have clear images of the product or service you’re offering. Customers will immediately be drawn in by the crisp images and bright display.

You may wish to add videos to your digital signage platform. Videos can create a more immersive experience than simple images and can be a great way to capture a snapshot of your product or business in action. For example, a clothing store may play short videos of models wearing their clothes and this would allow customers to see the clothes in action and how they would look in an active everyday scenario.

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