How to Have the Best Meeting Room Technology for Your Meeting Spaces

Many people don’t realise the impact that your meeting room technology can have on your meetings’ quality. The types of technology you choose to pair with the room have a significant impact on the productivity and experience of your meetings. The size of your space is an important consideration when choosing the equipment you need (or don’t need). Getting these components right can make or break your staff and client’s experience and participation.


What We Offer

We offer assistance in designing and deploying your meeting room and creating presentation and collaboration solutions individual to your business’ wants and needs. This is achieved through best-practice engineering skills and a meticulous selection of high-quality AV components to enhance your meeting’s audio and visual technology. We also install the necessary fittings and ensure that they are compatible with your business mode of communication, whether that be Teams, Zoom, Google Meet etc.

Before we begin installing all the AV equipment we must first take into consideration the best technology for your meeting spaces’ size.


Small Meeting Rooms

Small meeting rooms generally consist of a single digital display in the 43-55” size range with a small wall mount. Generally for small meeting rooms, you would want people to be able to bring their own devices to plug into the display, so the right kind of connections and cables should be at the top of your shopping list.


Medium Meeting Rooms

Medium meeting rooms, something that can have a table sitting 6-10 people,  generally consist of a single digital display in the 65″-85″ size range to suit longer viewing distances compared to the small rooms. The bigger the room and the bigger the table, the more important it becomes to consider not just the visuals but also the audio. Having the right camera, microphone and speaker setup is vital, whether they come as separate components or all in one.

Meeting Room Technology

Large Meeting Rooms

If your meeting room is larger, and the furthest seat is around 6m from the screen, you’d want to consider installing either dual digital displays in the 65″-85″ size range or larger single displays such as a 98″ display. Supporting hardware for large meeting rooms are application specific and engineered to suit your needs. Some of the typical components for large meeting rooms include Powerful pan, tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras, table or ceiling-mounted microphone arrays, Amplifier Loudspeakers and Audio processing (DSP) with Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), active signal extension and routing for flexible and reliable connectivity, and a touch panel interface for automated room control and advanced functionality.

How to Have the Best Meeting Room Technology for Your Meeting Spaces 1

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