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Transform Your Office Meeting Room Technology



Are you looking to update your meeting room technology and finding it’s hard to know where to start? Video conferencing technology is becoming easier to implement and manage, but hardware options to choose from can be overwhelming.

If this sounds familiar and you’re wanting support to get it right without all the complication, Engagis can help.


We Can Help:

(A) Significantly reduce the time it takes for you to determine the correct solution
(B) Offer a selection of the best solutions based on your requirements and without the need for a lengthy consultation process

With hundreds of options in market, we’re seeing workplaces overwhelmed and confused on what to buy, even with simple requirements. At Engagis, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to, helping to simplify your options and ultimately collapsing the time it takes for you to navigate, choose, procure and have your technology installed!


How We Provide Good, Cheap & Fast:


We have an extensive range of tested, pre-qualified solutions, giving you options of good, better and best only


We provide the best value for money by providing curated options to meet your specific needs and nothing further, reducing costs on consultation, hardware and deployment


With a wide range of pre-qualified solutions for each solution and price point to draw from stock, we’re able to manage challenges of supply and delivery to get your space up and running sooner

Why Engagis:

 We’ve been helping our customers transform their physical spaces with digital technology for 20+ years

 Strong supplier relationships and a large partnership network

 Best in class installation services provided through our network of qualified technicians

 ISO 27001 Certified

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