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Fashion retail is an extremely competitive market. Attracting customers into your store can be challenging, particularly in cluttered retail environments. Then you need to engage shoppers and lead them to purchase.

Forward thinking retailers are turning to digital media solutions to increase retail traffic and increase sales revenue.

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How digital media solutions can drive sales and build your brand

Attract more customers

Attracting customers into your retail space can be challenging because customers are faced with a plethora of messaging and ‘clutter’ in a typical retail environment. You need to stand out.

Digital signage, using outward-facing screens or an LED display, is an effective way to attract the attention of shoppers using messaging (text), images, video and animation.

In-store promotions to drive sales

Once you have customers in your store, you want to entice them to buy specific items using promotions and offers. Digital signage is perfect for this – it’s like having an extra salesperson. Specific brands or garments can be promoted and complementary products can be showcased so average deal size can be increased.

Showcase your brand

A strong brand that connects with customers is an asset that drives sales and generates higher margins. So whether you are a single brand store, or you sell a portfolio of brands, connecting with customers emotionally using video and imagery is a powerful way to communicate brand values, create aspiration for your audience and create a premium retail experience.

Sell Inventory that’s not in-store

You don’t need to be limited to selling only the inventory you have on hand. An ‘endless aisle’ touchscreen kiosk allows customers to search through your entire catalog, review product information and images – which can include 3D animations – and place an order in-store that you can fulfil directly from your warehouse to the customer. It’s a way you can drive incremental sales from your retail space.

Personalised messaging

The Engagis CMS (content management system) allows you to schedule content on a particular screen or network of screens like programming for a TV station. Content can be varied based on local demographics, climate, fashion preferences, timing, etc. By adding a camera and analytic software, you can personalise content instantly, based on the gender and age (demographics) of the people near or looking at a particular screen.

Engagis Solutions for Fashion Retail

Digital Signage
Digital signage screens can be outward facing or in-store. They come in an extensive range of sizes and can be set up in portrait or landscape orientation.

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Content Management System (CMS)
A CMS lets you manage what content you publish to what screens at what times.  The Engagis CMS – Impress – is best in class, intuitive and secure.

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Content creation and automation
Engagis offers a range of content services including content creation, content strategy, media management and content automation through a self-service platform called Storya.

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LED Displays
LED displays are attention-getting and can be fully customised for any space. They are perfect for attracting customers and providing an immersive in-store experience.

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Endless aisle
Get more sales from your retail space by selling inventory from your warehouse or factory and having it shipped directly to your customer.

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