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Given the constant changes that modern workplaces are facing, collaboration and communication have never been more important. Many workplaces are maintaining productivity and have quickly adapted to a temporary work-from-home model. Despite this adjustment, many businesses will soon be expecting staff to return to the office in some capacity.

An essential component of a successful return to work strategy will be the deployment of effective collaboration and meeting room spaces with high quality audio and video.

Engagis has been helping businesses design and deploy meeting room technology solutions using best practice engineering principles and through the careful selection of AV components to deliver the highest quality experience for your office and for your workers at home.

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Improving meeting productivity and experience

Our high quality meeting room solutions allow you to join or start meetings easily.

All our meeting room solutions feature enterprise grade hardware, ensuring an effective and high quality experience.

Unified communications

We are able to support your preferred UC or collaboration platform across all of our meeting room solutions.

Do you have a legacy platform you want to keep? Do you wish to use multiple platforms?

If so, we can also provide migration services that support meetings across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Peace of mind and support

Managed Service

Engagis offers our solutions as a managed service for a cost effective monthly fee with no upfront charges.


We also provide proactive maintenance and remote monitoring, ensuring exceptional uptime and performance.

Analytics and reporting

Better understand meeting room performance, usage and utilisation; staff productivity and solution uptime.

Some customers we’re proud to have helped

Qantas | Biogen | Telstra | Calibre | Maquarie University


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