Video Conferencing Solutions

Engagis helps businesses design and deploy meeting room, presentation and video conferencing solutions which are used to improve productivity and enhance the experience of meetings for staff both in the office and at home.

This is achieved through best practice engineering principles and the careful selection of AV components to deliver the highest quality video conferencing experience.


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Improving meeting productivity and experience

Our high quality meeting room solutions allow you to join or start meetings easily.

All our video conferencing solutions feature enterprise grade hardware, ensuring an effective and high quality experience.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom & BYOD Rooms

We specialise in designing and developing Microsoft Teams, Zoom and BYOD rooms and can support your existing unified communications platforms such as WebEx and BlueJeans.

Do you have a legacy platform you want to keep? Do you wish to use multiple platforms?

If so, we can also provide migration services that support meetings across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Peace of mind and support

Managed Service

Engagis offers our solutions as a managed service for a cost effective monthly fee with no upfront charges.


We also provide proactive maintenance and remote monitoring, ensuring exceptional uptime and performance.

Analytics and reporting

Better understand video conference system performance, usage and utilisation; staff productivity and solution uptime.

Features & Benefits

Low/No-Touch interactivity

Meetings are easy to start or join preventing start-up delays or challenges presented by complicated user interfaces.

Consistent / Reliable Performance

Scalable hardware across multiple rooms means less requirement for on-premises technical support and a uniform video conferencing experience.

Enterprise Grade Audio & Video Capture

Investments in the AV hardware present a superior experience for customers & clients for both participants in the room and remote.

Multi-platform Interoperability

Being able to communicate easily between internal teams and external parties, and even between modern & legacy video conferencing systems internally within the business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our video conferencing solutions are suitable for small, medium and large meeting rooms. Small meeting rooms typically cover 1-3 people, medium meeting rooms typically cover 4-8 people and large meeting rooms typically cover 12-20 people.
Hardware is determined after understanding your operating environment, requirements and unified communications preference. For small and medium meeting rooms, video conferencing hardware would typically involve a single display screen, camera, microphone, and speakers – either all-in-one or as separate components. It would also include a touch panel control surface and a small form PC. Large meeting rooms generally consist of either dual digital displays or a larger digital display. Other AV components for a large meeting room generally include powerful pan, tilt and Zoom cameras, microphone arrays, amplifier, loudspeakers and audio processing with acoustic echo cancellation, active signal extension for flexible and reliable connectivity and a touch panel interface for automated room control and advanced functionality.
Yes, Engagis are an end-to-end provider of video conferencing solutions in Australia. This involves requirement gathering, consultative services, procurement services, installation services and support services. We can deliver this as a complete package or as individual services depending on your requirements.
Yes, although the AV technology will be set up in a particular meeting room within an office space, those working remotely benefit from the significant improvement in audiovisual quality from the far end. We are also able to offer AV solutions for video conferencing for executives that require a more comprehensive work from home set up.

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