How Mazda Transformed The Customer Experience

With Engagis, Deloitte, and Spinifex.



Engagis, alongside Deloitte, Spinifex, and Mazda, has crafted and delivered a real-time car configurator unlike any other in Australia. The car configurator helps Mazda provide their customers with a more personal experience where they can accessorise, and place their desired vehicle in a range of real world situations to aid in ownership visualisations. It also encourages staff and customer interaction.



Exceptional product, Exceptional Service.

Engagis deliver and manage this kiosk based 3D Configurator through outstanding customer service, something we’re proud to be known for. A team of talented individuals from Engagis, Deloitte, and Spinifex, came together to make this incredibly challenging project a reality.

How We Help

 Customers can visualise their personal enjoyment of the vehicle by placing the car virtually in a range of real-life situations

 Customers can visualise and customise their vehicle in real time, viewing from all angles, and exploring the interior

 Shows customers hundreds of thousands of design combinations, connecting the customer to the product and personal design experience

 Designed as both a self-service and assisted service tool, allowing customers to easily navigate the products with or without the guidance of a salesperson, creating engagement and facilitating discussion

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