Don’t let your office projects go on hold while waiting for workplace tech stock to arrive.


Are your committed office projects at risk of being delayed due to supply chain issues?

Although the global supply chain crisis is no longer headline news, it is still significantly affecting many businesses. In terms of workplace projects, we’re seeing Australian companies having to delay projects or put them on hold – all because they can’t access the necessary stock on time.

We can help.

Luckily, Engagis is in a unique position of:

 Having immediate access to meeting room technology from the likes of Crestron (limited range available while stock lasts)

 Being able to supply best-in-class digital signage solutions at rapid speed

Having an available team of qualified AV (Audio Visual) technicians who can install and manage your workplace technology on time

Engagis have helped many clients get their workplace technology projects back on track, so if you have fixed timelines to deliver your projects and are struggling to get the right equipment, get in touch with us today, to see if we can help!

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