Eze Suite Platform

Maximize engagement with your customers by enhancing user experience at multiple touch points in a true omni-channel fashion.

Our digital signage software platform, The Eze Suite, consists of a range of integrated modules offered in flexible packages that also connect to your existing marketing cloud through extensive API.

Digital signage, product catalogs and selectors, way-finders, self‐service kiosks, queue management systems and WiFi apps are some of the most popular modules that fall into The Eze Suite.

In addition, we offer custom software development services that are leveraging our Eze Suite platform.  This enables us to quickly and cost effectively develop client specific solutions in 20% of the time it would typically take to develop it if starting from scratch – such as Product Catalogs or Interactive Kiosks apps.  This translates into little or no investment in major software or app development. This ability to customise our solutions to reflect your needs and evolving requirements is one of Engagis’s key points of difference.

The end result is fully connected platform, either out of box or client-specific that ensures a consistent customer experience at all touch points – anywhere & anytime.

Eze Impress

Powerful and flexible CMS for digital signage

Visitor Manager

Streamline your visitor check-in and free up resources

Eze Find

Showcase your entire product range

Queue Management

Make queuing an opportunity to provide a great experience


Create personalised and brand consistent content at scale

Compass WayFinder

Transforming how we navigate spaces

Custom Digital Signage Software Development

Applications that meet your specific requirements