Digital Signage Software – Eze Impress by Engagis

Eze Impress is an intuitive, powerful and flexible content management system for digital signage that delivers impactful content directly to your audience, whether they are in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific (APAC) or global.


1) Cloud based CMS
Eze Impress is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) which means you don’t need to worry about managing the platform or making updates and you can access it from any Internet-connected device.

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2) Media player software
Eze Impress works in conjunction with the media player software, which sits on a local device and delivers the content to your screens in the correct format, whether it’s portrait or landscape, a video wall or a single screen.
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Eze Impress Features and Benefits

Drag & Drop Asset Management

The Eze Impress media library stores the important assets you want delivered on screens to your audience.  They can be media files such as images, videos, sounds, CSV files, etc. The assets in the library can be used to build Playlists and create Campaigns.

Playlist Management

Playlist combines and orders uploaded assets into a group, allowing the delivery of promotions and content relevant to the current season, campaign, audience or location.


Eze Impress’ scheduling feature lets you control when and where a Playlist is played. Campaigns, promotions or content in general can be planned and scheduled well in advance.

Content approval

You want to get content published quickly to your screens, but you want to make sure you maintain control, particularly if you are curating content from a number of contributors.
Eze Impress workflow allows content to be uploaded by many contributors and then routed to an individual or team for approval, before publishing.

Device Heartbeat

As part of the fully managed service, Eze Impress automatically ensures that all connected devices are operating correctly through Heartbeats. Device Heartbeats check for changes in the application, changes in Playlists and Schedules, or any other modifications that may have been made.

Localised Content

Local attributes such as opening hours, staff names, addresses, phone numbers can be added in CMS and dynamically displayed on different screens and locations.

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Media Player Software

Personalised Content

Personalised content on a particular screen can be triggered based on the demographic characteristics of the person/people nearby, for example, gender and age.  This improves the effectiveness of the content.

Content Clickthrough

Use your content to drive a response by allowing users to click through content on the screen that redirects them to a targeted site or page.

Facial Recognition

Using a Facial Recognition camera, normally positioned at the top of the Digital Signage Screen, Eze Impress can also capture data on gender, age, time of day and location of viewers. This information helps businesses to better understand their customers and design campaigns to increase conversions.

Local Content Caching

Having locally cached content on the Media Player means content will continue to play until the set end date of the Playlist, even if there are internet connectivity issues. This feature assures minimal interruption to the customer experience.

Restart on Crash

The Restart on Crash feature ensures minimal disruption to the customer experience in the event of a crash. As part of the Eze Impress fully managed service, this feature triggers an immediate restart of Eze Impress when a problem has occurred.

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