Digital Signage Content Automation

Streamline the publishing of content on your digital signage network

With an increased focus on personalisation and localisation, organisations often struggle to cost effectively create content and scale across a digital signage network.

Storya by Engagis lets you create and publish content cost effectively, quickly and easily across your digital signage network while maintaining brand integrity and compliance.

Storya is an end to end content delivery platform that lets you leverage existing brand and product assets across a set of pre-designed templates to streamline content creation and apply approval flows before publishing.

Storya Overview 1

Organisations using Storya

  • reduce the cost of creating high quality digital content
  • are faster to market with content, communications and campaigns
  • leverage their investment in digital assets
  • reduce risk with approval workflow
  • can draw upon the resources of many authors and contributors

How it works

Author selects a template

The author or ‘content creator’ selects a template from an approved library. New content can be initiated by multiple people or teams across the organisation. Engagis can help set up templates and ensure they are on-brand

Editor creates the content from the template

The editor populates the template with the updated content. Integration into existing Digital Asset Management Systems means existing assets can be leveraged.

Approver reviews the content

As part of an agreed workflow, the approver, or approvers, review the content to ensure its on-brand and compliant.

Publisher reviews and distributes content

The publisher does an additional quality check then authorises the content for distribution across the selected screens


Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Storya allows you to organise tag and automate asset flow through intelligent digital asset management (DAM)

Dynamic Workflow
Storya allows you to create streamlined and customised processes to automate content routing

Content Publishing Platforms
Seamlessly deliver your published content to all your organisation’s communication channels. i.e. website, digital signage, social media and DAM

Responsive Templates
Storya uses adaptable layouts to allow for different screen sizes and orientation

Create “Stories”
Combine or sequence templates to create a logical flow

Content Approvals
All content can be sent through an agreed approval process before publishing, so Storya delivers speed to market as well as control and governance

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