As a reliable end-to-end solution provider, Engagis offer a full range of hardware solutions for sites in Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific (APAC)

We strive to balance the delivery of a high quality service with low overall lifecycle costs to our customers. We work closely with OEM suppliers to source the correct consumer grade technology for their digital media networks.

While our continued positioning is to remain agnostic to the hardware and software, with a focus clearly on the end customer solution, Engagis has long- established relationships with key OEM suppliers including Samsung, Aopen, NEC and MTI. Engagis is even an authorised Original Equipment Manufacturer for Microsoft.


A wide range of screens from 3.5″ to 100″+ in both display only and touchscreens. Our largest digital display screen is 20m.

Media Players

A range of players from simple display only to the high-powered units required for intensive touch applications.


Elaborate kiosks portfolio includes a full pallete of free standing indoor and outdoor kiosks, tablet enclosures and much more.


We also provide a wide range of network devices and peripheral devices. Printers, scanners, barcode readers, payment devices etc. are often required for our kiosk deployments.


Engagis procures and installs all the hardware components necessary for high quality presentation and collaboration solutions.