Whether you are looking for an effective Digital Signage or elaborate interactive touch displays our solutions offer a full package: hardware, software, installation, content creation and management, and support.

Digital Signage

We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions.  Engagis provides LED, non-touch and touch displays for all your needs. We also offer single screens, matrix screens, video walls, menu boards.  All our solutions are powered by our sophisticated, yet easy to use CMS.

If you have custom requirements, our team of proven experts is ready to assist.

Visitor Management

Visitor Manager by Engagis is a simple, secure, visitor management system that streamlines the check in of visitors, staff, contractors and couriers and provides real-time waiting information. It frees up your staff for higher value interactions delivers a better visitor experience. You can choose or complete solution or simply run the software on your own devices.

Touch Screens

Elegant and reliable interactive kiosks suitable for your customers, visitors, staff and patients.

Engagis offers an extensive range of high-quality and robust touch screens and enclosures that are perfect for a range of industries, applications and uses. Their interactive, intuitive and space efficient characteristics make them a perfect solution for customers and visitors.


Engaging Wayfinder solutions empower your shoppers and visitors to access information. Shoppers can find stores, services, points of interest with ease.

Engagis Wayfinder is a complete hardware and software solution package. It can be customized to any shape and orientation. The solution can be placed indoors or outdoors and can be deployed as dual sided if required.

Interactive Product Cataloges

Interactive product catalogs offer your customers access to a wide assortment of products and services in even the fairly small store environments. Engagis Product catalogs are simple, yet powerful sales tool for retailers. Solutions virtually extend your store by showcasing all the products you would not be able to accommodate in one space.

Our solutions are fully customisable capable to cater multiple product selections, and perspective planograms. As a full package the solution includes hardware, software and powerful CMS

Queue Management

Reduce customer wait times, improve your service efficiency, and increase your revenues with Engagis queue management solutions. Two main causes of customer dissatisfaction in retail stores, banks and government institutions are queuing and waiting. Based on years of experience in the field, Engagis has developed the solution that help organisations improve their customer flow and manage queues.

The system includes queue management application, appointment bookings, queue information, and a sophisticated reporting system.

Meeting Room Solutions

Engagis has been helping businesses design and deploy meeting room technology solutions using best practice engineering principles and through the careful selection of AV components to deliver the highest quality experience for your office and for your workers at home.

Interactive Gaming Solutions

Active Play. Educational Games. Dynamic Fun. Obie is the award-winning advanced projector, that turns any surface into an interactive and entertaining experience.

UV Sanitation Cabinets

Disinfect your shared equipment in 2 minutes. Uvisan sanitation cabinets safely disinfect VR headsets, laptops, tablets and other shared devices.