Queue Management

Reshape the way your customers wait, improve their customer experience and the efficiency of your service delivery.

Queue Manager help organisations and their employees manage, track and prioritise customer service to ensure timely and efficient delivery to every customer and makes sure they are matched with the most relevant service person.

Queue Management solutions from Engagis make it easy for customers to set appointments and wait from anywhere because they can be notified by SMS when they have reached the head of the queue and staff are ready to serve. Customers can make an appointment online, check status and receive communications and alerts via email and SMS.

Queue Management System - Digital Signage Solutions - Engagis Australia

Queue Manager integrates a range of apps so your floor staff can easily manage queue activity and customer communication within your stores or branches.  From handheld tablets for your employees, to wait time display screens, customers have full transparency of their place in the queue which means their perception of the wait time is reduced.

Manage expectations, reduce customer wait times and improve your overall efficiency

Unfortunately, juggling resources to manage service levels is a constant challenge but Queue Manager improves the efficiency of your processes, provides status information at your staff’s fingertips so they can communicate with customers and real time wait time display means customers can better utilise their wait time which reduces the perceived wait time.

Software Features

Real time tracking
Know which staff are available and which queues need attention as customers enter your store

Send updates to your customers regarding their position in the queue

Events Integration
Create in-store events, and enroll participants through the floor manager app

Configuration and Reports
Change queue categories and view up to date reports

Self Sign Up
Encourage customers to join the queue without any hassle

Appointments and Bookings
Configure staff rosters and allow your customers to book appointments

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