Queue Management Software

1. Floor Manager
Your staff are empowered to efficiently manage queueing and service levels
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2. Appointments Website
Allows customers to book appointments ahead of their arrival
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3. Self Sign Up Kiosk
Customers can join a queue using a tablet or a kiosk
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4. Wait Time Display
Customers can track their progress in real time
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5. Queue Management System (QMS)
Configure and view reports across different locations
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Floor Manager

Real time store/branch overview

View waiting, serving and finished queues at a glance

Intuitive and responsive design

Move customers across different queues with a simple touch interface



Send SMS reminders to your customers so they can better utlilise their wait time

Bookings and events integration

The bookings and events module lets you manage all customer requirements from a single device


Online efficiency

Customers can easily set appointments ahead of their arrival

Email confirmation

Receive booking details in your email with the option to add to your calendar.

Self Sign Up Kiosk

Quick Sign Up

Allow customers to efficiently sign up and join the queue

Customisable themes

Change the kiosk’s look and feel to match your company’s branding

Wait Time Display

Large Screen View

Display store activity and make queue positions available for all customers to see


Rich Information

Option to show comprehensive details of available slots and waiting times


Configure category, service, customer and visit types


View floor activity across different dates and locations, and export to spreadsheet format