Touch Screens & Kiosks

Elegant and reliable interactive kiosks suitable for your customers, visitors, staff and patients.

Engagis offers an extensive range of high-quality and robust touch screens and enclosures that are perfect for a range of industries, applications and uses. Their interactive, intuitive and space efficient characteristics make them a perfect solution for customers and visitors wanting to:

Check mark Find directions quickly and safely

Check mark Avoid crowded areas and queues

Check mark Check-in quickly and safely

Check mark Learn, explore and interact with an organisations products and services either by themselves or with less interaction from staff

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They are also a perfect solution for staff and businesses wanting to:

Check mark Increase sales revenue through upsell and cross sell

Check mark Minimise staff interaction with customers for certain roles and responsibilities

Check mark Reduce the amount of stock held in a physical location

Check mark Reduce queueing bottlenecks

Check mark Ensure their facility is easy to navigate

Check mark Provide customers with a more personalised experience

Check mark Improve their customer experience


Interactive kiosks are suitable across most industries, including:


Health and aged care



Shopping precincts


Mining and industrial



Our digital kiosks support applications such as:

Check mark Wayfinding
Check mark Product extenders and configurators
Check mark Visitor and queue management
Check mark Self-service order and payment
Check mark Exit Surveys

Key Advantages

End-to-end accountability
Design and procurement, software, installation and support

Locally manufactured kiosks
Digital kiosks are designed and manufactured in Australia

Robust and reliable
Preferred by the likes of NSW Health, ECH, Mazda and Kmart

Engagis Interactive Kiosk Options

Freestanding kiosks

Engagis provides a range of free-standing kiosk enclosures in a number of different orientations, form factors and sizes.

Wall mounted touch screens

Engagis offer a vast range of wall-mounted touch screens to accommodate every space. Our team of experts can survey your site, and provide a recommendation of wall brackets, best installation practices and much more.

Kiosk desk holders

Engagis also provides a range of desk-mounted touch screens. From fixed, extendable, flexible, and detachable our stand portfolio can accommodate your business.

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