How to Create a Meeting Room for the New Way We Work (Hybrid Working)

Many workplaces are now opting for a ‘hybrid’ meeting system, which means that staff are working and joining meetings both remotely and in the office. With a more flexible workplace, it’s important that meeting rooms and the technology that serves them are more adaptable.

When fitting out your workplace meeting room with the right technology it’s important to take a couple of things into consideration. First of all, do you have any existing equipment that could be utilised? What exactly are you hoping to use the meeting room for? And, do you have a preferred platform for collaboration? Asking yourself these questions will help you figure out exactly what it is your workplace meeting room needs and it will also help us assist you with the planning and installation.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your meeting room, as this will impact what type of equipment you’ll need. We’ve put together a guide on meeting room sizes here.


Cameras and Displays

One of the most important features of a workplace meeting room is good quality cameras. Being able to see your staff and clients regardless of whether they are remote or in the room is crucial to forming good workplace connections and communicating information efficiently. Once you’ve figured out your goals for the meeting room, we will be able to suggest and source the necessary components for your space. Typically, cameras should be high quality and should be placed in a spot in the room that will show as much of the area as possible. Ideally, the camera will also be able to adjust the focus to whoever is speaking and interacting within the room. The type of camera has a lot to do with the meeting space dimensions as the size will determine camera type, placement and range. We are also able to set up BYOD rooms so that staff and clients can bring in their own devices. Having a good-quality screen in the room allows you to see all your remote clients and staff clearly and on a larger scale so they feel more a part of the in-person meeting. Having the right-sized digital display for your meeting space also ensures that everyone in the room can clearly see what’s on the screen such as screen share presentations, virtual whiteboards and any other collaborative documentation.


Speakers and Microphone

Sound is an equally important consideration for hybrid workspaces. Being able to hear and communicate with remote staff and clients makes meetings flow better, minimising disruption and providing a more purposeful and efficient experience. Good quality speakers allow meetings to feel like they are in person, for both those on the far end and in the physical space. Quality microphones are also essential for picking up all the voices in the room. Once we have understood your meeting room space requirements, we can recommend the right type of audio setup for your rooms.



Touch Panel Controllers

Touch panels are devices that can be installed in meeting rooms as a more seamless and efficient way to control online meeting functions like starting and ending a meeting with one-touch and managing attendees. Having a touch set-up means that there is less fiddling around with external computers to facilitate the meeting hosted from that particular room. Choosing the right equipment for your meeting space can greatly improve the productivity and time management of the rest of your team.


Comfort, Functionality, and Accessibility

Other non-technology-related considerations such as comfort, functionality, and accessibility can often be overlooked when it comes to fitting out a meeting room. If you’re looking to update your space for hybrid work, it’s important to consider changes that will make the process as easy as possible for everyone’s needs and abilities. Ensuring that your workplace is up to date with the best quality meeting room technology is essential in achieving staff and client meetings that are seamless, and more conducive to collaboration and productivity.


If you’re moving or have already moved to a hybrid model as part of the new ways we work and you’re looking for some expert assistance in getting your workplace video conferencing set up for maximum productivity, get in touch today.

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