Automotive Solutions

Automotive retailing is changing.

Before car buyers walk into the showroom, they have already done significant online research, so the salesperson doesn’t need to provide information such as features, specifications, model comparisons, accessory options, etc. Their role is to build trust, guide a warm buyer through various options and create a competitive deal.

Younger buyers are attracted to brands and what they represent but are increasingly motivated by access to cars, and the lifestyle they enable, rather than ownership

Demand and margins are being impacted by rideshare services and hyper-competition where even low cost vehicles are feature and technology rich.

The role of the dealership is changing and smart dealers are embracing digital engagement technology to maximise sales conversions and sales value.

Digital Signage

Car dealerships are choosing digital signage for both cost reduction and improved customer engagement.

Hard copy ‘physical’ posters are expensive to print and distribute and if anything changes the posters need to be scrapped and reprinted. However, digital signage can be easily and quickly updated. Content delivery – videos, images, branding, promotions – can also be automated according to a pre-programmed schedule

Over and above cost savings and convenience, digital signage is a far more powerful form of communication. Through imagery and video, different lifestyle situations can bring a vehicle to life in a way that’s emotionally appealing to buyers. It could be a coastal drive, a family holiday, Saturday night on the town or something more practical like packing groceries or shopping into the car.

With the addition of cameras and anonymous facial recognition technology, the content on the screens can be tailored to the age and gender of the people watching the screens so that it is more relevant to them.

LCD screens can be mounted with portrait or landscape orientation and can can be combined to create a matrix – or video wall.

An LED display is a dramatic addition to a showroom and can be any size, curved and even transparent.

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A seamless transition between online and the dealership

A buyer who has been researching your brand and models online doesn’t want to turn up to your dealership as a stranger.

A queue management system allows the salesperson, armed with a tablet, to personally greet customers who have booked a test drive online. They have knowledge of the customer’s preferences and requirements. A queue management system creates a seamless experience for the customer.

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3D Configurator

Buyers are accustomed to using car configurators online, but bringing this capability into the dealership on a large kiosk allows the salesperson to guide the customer, provide advice and tailor their vehicle.

The 3D configurator from Engagis makes it easy for the buyer to visualise their accessorised car and make a decision. And even if the combination of accessories is complex, pricing can be instantly provided.


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