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Driving deeper customer engagement, localisation and more impactful spaces

Banking is changing rapidly as an increasing volume of low value transactions are moving to online and mobile.

As a consequence, the traditional branch is being transformed into a more personalised and immersive space where customers can receive advice and education to help them make more complex, high value and high emotion financial decisions.

Now, branch design is taking into account the lifetime value of a customer and is centred on customers’ milestone moments such as travel, car and house purchase, wealth creation and investment planning.

Engagis offers specialised solutions for bank branches – solutions that attract customers, enhance ambience, activate branding, provide product information and manage the welcoming and flow of customers. Engagis understands customer behaviour and from experience can advise on how to design the digital touchpoints within your branch. Touchpoints that optimise the customer experience, drive positive NPS and optimise the conversion to product sales.

A well designed branch creates a positive environment for bank staff in terms of work satisfaction and productivity and it also enables staff with the right spaces and tools to better serve customers.

Not only is the banking landscape changing, so too is technology, so banks that have made previous investments in Digital Signage are exploring new solutions for engaging customers as part of an overall customer experience transformation.

Engagis offers a suite of solutions for banks and can customise these based on specific requirements.

Re-imagining the branch with digital signage

Digital signage can be used to attract and welcome customers, reinforce your brand and provide helpful information to your customers as they wait for service or navigate your branch.

Messaging and content can be customised for a particular branch, region, the day of the week or the time of day.

You can choose LCD screens which come in a range of sizes and can be amalgamated to create a matrix or video wall, or alternatively LED displays that can be customised to any size, and can even be curved or transparent. An LED screen can be a dramatic addition to your branch

To support digital signage, Engagis also offers an enterprise-grade and proven content management system and can create or repurpose content for your screens. Engagis offers 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure maximum uptime

Smart digital signage allows you to customise your messaging based on a broad range of variables, such as the age, gender and facial expression of the person looking at the screen, their engagement level even the weather.

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Turning queues into a positive

A busy branch can be frustrating for customers, but a well-managed process, with clear communication and updates, can actually create a good impression and reflect positively on your brand.

Queue Manager from Engagis enhances the customer experience by improving the customer’s perception of wait time, helping to connect your customers with the right people (bankers or consultants) and providing real-time updates on expected wait time. Queue Manager also allows you to prioritise important customers.

By adding the bookings module, customers can pre-book appointments with bankers and consultants which bypasses the queuing process and provides a seamless customer experience.

Queue Manager captures rich analytics for your business including customers’ reasons for visiting the branch which helps in branch, staff and process planning.

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Improve compliance, reduce printing costs and keep in touch with customers using digital brochures

Digital brochures help you reduce the cost of printing and distributing customer brochures and other collateral.

Because product offerings often change as well as terms and conditions, this can make an expensive print run worthless, but with digital brochures, updates can be made easily and quickly.

Digital brochures from Engagis can be used as a staff assisted tool (or on a ‘self service’ basis by customers) and can bundle multiple brochures together for a particular customer and provide a record of what the customer has received so you know they have been fully informed through the application process with iron clad audit logs.

But digital brochures are even more powerful.

When the customer selects, downloads and sends their brochure or brochure pack, the customer’s details are captured, a copy of the email is sent to the branch and location-based information such as address and contact can be included.

Using digital brochures means you can keep in touch with your customers, whether it’s a follow-up email, survey or to help by providing additional information. For any future discussions with the customer, or branch visits you will have a record of all the information they have received – at your fingertips.

Events, training and workshops for your customers and staff

Marketing and selling to customers is moving from one to one – which some people find intimidating – to group workshops, presentations and guest presentations where customers can learn about investment strategies, superannuation planning, tips on house buying, etc And this is now happening within the branch

It’s a way of providing value to customers while helping to shape their financial decisions

Positive staff engagement creates a positive customer experience, so leading banks are providing training and enablement for the staff in their branches which improves their skills and future career opportunities.

Engagis Events Manager can facilitate events, training and classes by consolidating reference materials, promoting the event, tracking attendees, facilitating bookings and managing post-event follow-up.


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