Smart Stand Ups

The modern workplace is not just about new fitouts, or flexible – cool looking – workspaces. It’s an environment that facilitates a different way of working. And that way of working is more fast-paced and collaborative and decisions are based on real insights and intelligence.

Smart Stand Ups allow groups to ‘huddle’ or meet quickly, normally around an interactive kiosk that has dedicated access to a business intelligence platform such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or CommitWorks which specialises in the mining industry.

Smart Stand Ups use kiosks with large touch screen displays to’ drill deep’ into the BI or ERP platform of a business to understand performance and live KPI’s, so decisions can be made quickly by a small group in real-time. This means faster, better decisions with consensus. It’s a shortcut when compared with the ‘legacy’ way of communicating, sourcing data and making decisions.

men standing reviewing information on a digital display in a mining environment

This new way of working is happening in a broad range of work environments including offices, hospitals, mines and construction.

Engagis can work with you to determine the best form factor for your business and integrate into your current systems.

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