Digital Signage Content Strategy

A digital signage content strategy magnifies the impact of your digital signage, streamlines the process and saves time

Our experience is that time invested up front in planning and strategy improves results and saves downstream pain and disappointment.
Engagis can help you define your content strategy and ensure that it supports your marketing strategy and business objectives and complements other channels and media. We bring a wealth of experience to the table and can showcase industry best practices.

Digital signage as a communication channel, is an important part of the marketing mix, particularly in retail, so a clear definition of objectives, target audience and key messages will drive better results We can also help you define what metrics to measure and how they can be measured.

As a precursor to a full scale roll out, we can help you run a ‘test and learn’, ‘proof of concept’ or pilot so learnings can be captured and fine tuning made and effectiveness and impact optimised.


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