Web-based wayfinding solution

Our web-based wayfinding solution helps people navigate through expansive or complex spaces such as hospitals, aged care facilities, retail showrooms, campuses, local council areas, workplaces and more, using a simple touchscreen application on a kiosk, or any other device.

Aside from helping people get to where they want to go, faster, our wayfinding solution also allows you to make your venue more discoverable. It supports efforts for social distancing, reducing the need for visitors to ask busy staff for directions.

This wayfinding solution helps reduce visitor anxiety and promotes a more seamless visitor experience.

WayFinder 1

Our wayfinding solution can be fully customised to your local environment and can be uploaded to a range of different devices which include a free-standing kiosk in various sizes and orientations, wall-mounted touch displays, and desk stands.

How wayfinding works


Easily find points of interest (POI) and get animated directions

Take away

Send map and directions to mobile device to navigate on the go

Our wayfinding solution is simple to deploy and can be custom-built for your building or facility floorplan, helping people navigate multi-story spaces with ease. Visitors can search by floor, department, staff name, store name, service required or a keyword.

Various peripherals such a webcam, credit card reader and barcode scanner can be added to the kiosk to support different functionality and applications.

It’s Easy to Set Up

Gather Assets: Collate maps, media files, floor plans, points of interest and documents.

Map It: Locate and label destinations and points of interest, then create pathways.

Build & Test: Develop, test, and update software as required.

Setup: Deploy, install, test and commission.

Maintain & Optimise: Engagis monitors operation, provides 24/7 support and can make or recommend software updates as appropriate

Software features

Points of Interest (POI) Listing
Advanced and directory search

POI Information
Display photos and images for each POI

Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)
One map for all platforms

Includes multiple language options

Real-time Map Editor
Map customisation capabilities

QR Code
Take-away map route via mobile

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