Wayfinding Software

Web-based wayfinding solution

Wayfinding CMS Features

Points of Interest (POI) Management

Easily add, edit or remove points of interest (POI) from the wayfinder map. Information about each POI can be easily updated.

Customisation Capabilities

Customise colors and styles to match your branding.


Google Analytics can be easily accessed so valuable insights can be captured.

Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF)

Our wayfinding solution uses IMDF, the industry standard for indoor mapping formats allowing one map to be managed across all platforms and devices including kiosks, digital signage, tablets and mobile devices.

Other Features

Points of Interest (POI) Listing

Advanced and directory search relevant to specific points of interest.

POI Information

Display photos and images for each POI, promotions, and other site relevant information such as trading hours.


Includes multiple language options to suit the different language preferences of your users.

Keyword Search Functionality

Enable users to find locations on the map using words and phrases that have relevance to the content they are looking for.

QR Code

Allows users to capture the map and the route from a kiosk or display and take it with them via their mobile device.

3D/2D Maps

Includes pinch/zoom features, switch floor option and contextual display.


Ability to integrate with APIs

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