Wayfinding with Compass by Engagis

1) Web CMS
The foundation of Compass is a web-based CMS (content management system) so you don’t need to manage a local application.
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2) Interactive wayfinding application
The front end application, or interface, allows users to explore a representation of a physical space or smart city by using a touch screen.
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Web CMS Features

Points of Interest (POI) Management

Easily add, edit or remove points of interest (POI) from the wayfinder map  Information about each POI can be easily updated.

Floorplan Management

Specific pathways can be created within the floor plan, taking account of selected destinations and POI

Media Management

Compass helps you communicate with people in a physical space: your physical space.

You can easily update campaigns, advertisements, promotions and news using video, text or images.

Event Management

Events represent constantly changing content.  As new events are announced, they can be easily added, and edited, and lapsed events can be removed.


Google Analytics can be embedded in the solution so valuable data can be captured to better understand user preferences.

Wayfinding Application Features

Points of Interest (POI) Listing

Compass allows advanced search, directory search, promotion of  events relevant to specific points of interest as well as promotions

POI Information

Compass can display photos and images for each POI, show a promotional ticker, POI hours and allows users to take away information using a QR code

News & Events

Content on Compass is dynamic and can include news feeds, promotions, upcoming events, and special announcements

Paid Advertising

You have the option to include paid advertising on Compass. So you can promote particular points of interest, provide additional value for shopping centre tenants by directing traffic or create an additional revenue stream.

3D/2D Maps

Compass includes pinch/zoom features, path animations, switch floor option and contextual display

Flexible design

Compass can be fully customise to reflect the look and feel of your brand. The design is modular so you can incorporate a range of feeds, features and applications.

Remote updates

Updating Compass with new content, applications or software updates is easy. It can be done remotely using fixed line Internet or Wi-Fi

24/7 Support

Engagis operates a 24/7 helpdesk to monitor and support your wayfinding solution

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