6 Benefits of Having Effective Digital Signage in Your Workplace

This blog post will highlight some of the important benefits effective digital signage can provide for your workplace. Digital signage is the future of fast-paced and effective workplace communication and it’s important that you are using this resource to its full potential. 

Staff Communications

There are many ways that digital signage can be used for effective staff communication. Some of these include important company messaging and announcements, milestones and birthdays, event notifications, as well as key health, hygiene, and safety messaging which has become even more crucial in the past few years. Having a centralised digital signage content management system (CMS) like Impress allows for a seamless and impactful stream of communication, scheduling, and content publishing. Furthermore, this streamlined form of communication can become even easier with content automation like Storya, where you can use professional-grade templates to get messaging out even quicker.

Digital signage offers a more visual alternative to communication channels like email and messaging platforms and creates a less intrusive way for staff to receive information. For example, the use of digital screens displaying important safety information about social distancing. Rather than overwhelming staff with constant notifications, displaying a social distancing image on a digital monitor allows staff to absorb the information in central areas of the office. Location is a key factor for digital signage in an office environment. It’s important to choose areas with a high staff dwell time such as a lunch room, lobby, locker room, or lift area. You may also want to consider and be strategic with where certain information is displayed. Kitchens could display health and hygiene messaging, environmental messaging and more fun light-hearted content like birthdays or upcoming events. While lobby messaging could be tailored to client-focused announcements like key company values.

News, Weather and Events

Leveraging the flexibility of digital signage, workplaces can use digital screens to display news and weather to staff, customers, and key stakeholders within the office. This adds a level of safety and comfort to the work environment and reflects a thoughtful and organised internal system that reflects positively on your business. The customisability of individual monitors means that you may even wish to have specific screens dedicated to different things, rather than all displaying the same imagery. Monitors can also be configured for broadcasting important sporting and cultural events that staff may wish to watch, for example, the Melbourne Cup, and this helps to enhance a sense of teamwork and friendliness within the work sphere. 

Video Conferencing and Presentations

6 Benefits of Having Effective Digital Signage in Your Workplace 1

A more common use of digital signage screens is for video conferencing and meeting presentations. Nowadays, meeting rooms and board rooms require screen/s for shared visual aid, as well as to display the whole meeting room to anyone that may be watching online. Digital screens makes things easier for communication and collaboration. When purchasing and installing screens for your meeting room, it’s important to take into consideration the size of the room alongside the viewing distance from where people are seated to where the screen will be placed. We go into more detail about how to choose the correct digital equipment for your conference room size here. For example, smaller conference rooms display screens tend to be smaller, anywhere from 43” to 55’’. The size of your digital signage should complement the dimensions of your workspace, so ensuring you have the right specs to meet your staff and clients’ demands is very important. You may even want to consult experts in this field, like Engagis, to take out the guesswork and achieve the best possible professional outcome. Take a look at the services we offer if you’d like a professional solution.

Dashboarding and Reporting

Digital screens can display dashboarding and reporting when configured properly. Power BI feeds can also be set up for companies that use this software for data visualisation. This can be a great way for teams to get a visual look at Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a dashboard in real time without the need to login to programs. This dashboard will help make the staff make informed decisions and improve their productivity. Sharing data like this, in a very visual way, can make it more accessible to a wider audience, and makes things more visible. Dashboarding and reporting screens can be displayed in specific areas of a workplace to cater for the data display needs of individual departments and teams.

Visitor Management

Touch screens and kiosks can be set up for checking in customers, vendors, and even staff, into buildings and offices. This ensures a higher level of security and allows businesses to efficiently keep track of who’s coming in and out of their workspace. Similarly, check-in digital signage can be used for Covid-19 check-ins and this means less fiddling around with apps on an individual’s phone. The main idea is to minimise front desk time being taken up by manually checking in individual customers and stakeholders while still ensuring security and protocols are maintained. We worked with high-scale client ANZ bank to create a similar solution.

The options for digital signage are highly nuanced and customisable to fit the specific needs of your business. Other options are available, like wayfinding kiosks that can be set up for multi-level or complex spaces to help customers and visitors navigate the space. You may have seen something similar at large shopping centres. The aim of these is essentially to save time and eliminate the need to ask a staff member for directions. Engagis are the experts when it comes to digital signage, meeting room, and office technology. By understanding your space, we can recommend and deliver the right digital signage and meeting room technology. Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how we can help your space.

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