Cisco Meeting Room Technology and Microsoft Teams: A Powerful Fusion

The rise of hybrid office meetings—blending in-person and remote participation—became a central part of the operational strategies of many medium and large enterprises. This change led Cisco to strategically shift to support Microsoft Teams Rooms in 2023. The fusion enhances diverse meeting formats, ensuring seamless collaboration across various locations. By leveraging existing Cisco infrastructure, organisations can now adopt a native Microsoft Teams experience, transforming their standard meeting rooms. With the integration, companies can take advantage of several benefits, which are broken down in this article.

(1) Choice and Flexibility

Integrating Cisco’s meeting room technology with Microsoft Teams provides significant flexibility for configuring various types of meeting spaces. Whether setting up a large conference room or a smaller huddle space, you can utilise your existing Cisco equipment to create a native Microsoft Teams experience. This integration allows those already using Cisco technology to leverage their current infrastructure without having to invest in new systems or extensive training.

(2) Creating a Unified Meeting Experience

The fusion combines the hardware dependability and advanced capabilities of intelligent meeting rooms of Cisco with dynamic features such as file sharing, instant messaging, and real-time collaboration of Microsoft Teams. This integration ensures that IT professionals can deploy a system where all components work together.

(3) Enhancing Productivity Through Advanced Technology

The integration of the two platforms enhances productivity by automating and streamlining processes that typically slow down meetings. Features such as smart scheduling automate the preparation of meeting spaces, ensuring they are ready with the push of a button. Real-time content sharing enables seamless interaction among participants. Automated meeting summaries capture and organise key points and decisions, ensuring critical information is preserved and easily accessible. 

Cisco Meeting Room Technology and Microsoft Teams: A Powerful Fusion 1

Source: Cisco

(4) Networking and Connectivity Advantages

Cisco’s robust networking solutions form the backbone of this integration with Microsoft Teams, providing a reliable infrastructure. Cisco’s expertise in networking ensures dependable connectivity and exceptional quality of service, crucial for maintaining clear and uninterrupted communication. This is particularly important in bandwidth-constrained scenarios, where Cisco’s technology helps prevent common issues such as poor video quality and dropped connections. The enhanced networking capabilities mean high-definition video and clear audio for every meeting.

(5) Scalability and Performance

As your business grows to a large enterprise, Cisco’s networking capabilities facilitate the expansion of meeting room deployments. This scalable technology ensures that your communication infrastructure can grow alongside your business without sacrificing performance. Whether adding a new floor of conference rooms or outfitting an entirely new building, Cisco’s robust networking ensures that each new addition integrates smoothly, without compromising the quality of video and audio.

The Perfect Pairing for Australian Workplaces

The integration of Cisco’s reliable hardware with Microsoft Teams’ versatile software forms a robust and flexible solution perfectly suited for the needs of medium to large Australian enterprises. This combination tackles the challenges of maintaining consistent communication across expansive office needs and ensuring effective collaboration between different areas. Equipping every meeting space to handle high-stakes communications smoothly, the Cisco and Microsoft Teams integration enhances interactions and collaboration, fostering a productive and successful environment.


The integration of Cisco Meeting Room Technology with Microsoft Teams has emerged as a transformative solution for medium to large Australian workplaces, addressing the complexities of hybrid communication with flexibility, scalability, and performance. This fusion utilises existing Cisco infrastructure to deliver a native Microsoft Teams experience, enhancing productivity through automated processes and providing superior audio and video quality.

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