Digital Solutions to Consider for Improving Your Workplace

It’s safe to say that digital solutions are the future of many different business operations. Incorporating digital solutions into the way your workplace functions, particularly if you’re a large enterprise, will have positive impacts on your business. Digital office solutions, when researched and implemented correctly, can increase productivity, collaboration, efficiency, and the impression your business has on external customers or stakeholders. As your business continues to expand and evolve, you’ll want to stay up to date with the most current trends, to ensure your company is always ahead of the curve in terms of adaptability and modernisation. We’ve put together some of the solutions and tools you may want to consider to add value to your business.

The Cloud

The Cloud is a general term used to describe an ecosystem of servers that store information remotely. In the context of an enterprise workplace, this is a type of software that ensures that all your vital information, from customer relations to accounting to images and assets, is safely accessible at any time from anywhere. Installing some type of remote digital software can greatly improve the efficiency of your workplace as it supercharges how your staff access information. Rather than physically searching through files or emailing a co-worker with a question, a cloud server allows you to search for and obtain the information yourself, granted you have access. Cloud systems like this often come with a self-saving feature that is constantly backing itself up, so you don’t have to worry about losing important information or files and if your technology hardware ever fails or crashes you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that everything is safe on the server. Aside from the typical Apple Cloud storage solution or similar, at Engagis we set clients up with our Eze Suite Platform, which works in a similar way to the Apple Cloud and allows you to have cloud access to everything digital signage-based within your workplace/s.

Communication Solutions

Smooth internal communication is crucial to the success of enterprise businesses and there are many solutions available to assist with streamlining this function. Streamlined communication saves time, and resources, and reflects positively on your business’s capability to handle client relationships. Digital communication solutions will look different for most workplaces because they are highly dependent on the individual needs of your company. For businesses that operate remotely or a combination of remote and in-office, that hold a lot of internal and external meetings, an effective office solution is to update your digital hardware and meeting room technology to ensure that the meeting experience is smooth and clear. At Engagis we offer a range of meeting room technology solutions including speakers, monitors, cameras and central control systems inside the rooms. You can also take added measures like implementing communication solutions that encourage collaboration, like Microsoft Teams, Google Docs or Miro.

Digital Solutions to Consider for Improving Your Workplace 1

Digital signage can also be a useful tool for internal workplace communication. Electronic signs placed around your workplace can act as a more central way to spread important information. A common example that many businesses use is to promote different programs available to staff for mental health or reporting workplace milestones. Displaying important information like this on digital screens can be a much quicker and more engaging way to bring it to the attention of staff. Digital signage in the workplace can also display birthdays and upcoming events, and the flexibility and customisability of these signs mean that information can always be switched out and stays current.

Project Management Tools

Installing project management software is highly recommended for enterprise-level businesses that are required to complete and manage many different tasks and levels of staff at once. A CRM (customer relationship management) dashboard typically allows staff members to create and update tasks and assign them to other team members quickly and easily. An effective project management tool is simple and easy to understand, and ideally, one that relevant stakeholders can also have access to. Digital project management tools also feed into communication, as they allow you to create and access staff schedules and arrange meetings and estimated dates for task completions. When it comes to both project management tools and digital communication solutions, it’s crucial that these updates are adopted as widely as possible, and thorough training is provided on their use. 

At Engagis we offer a range of enterprise-level digital solutions. These include some of the solutions we have just discussed, like meeting room hardware technology, visitor management, wayfinding, and digital signage. Our team provides a safe set of hands for you to place your trust in when searching for digital transformation that you can make to your business or office space. We also offer 24/7 assistance for any issues or questions that arise once your new technology is installed. We pride ourselves on providing personalised digital solutions for your workplace to meet your individual needs and goals. Head to our website to read more about what we offer, or get in contact today!

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