How to Manage and Maintain your Meeting Room Technology now that you are set up

Updating meeting room technology is a crucial step for any business to ensure that staff and workplace productivity and collaboration are always improving. Now that you’ve got everything installed and set up, it’s important to ensure that you know how to manage and maintain your new meeting room technology. Many businesses overlook this part of the process but it is important to consider it so that everything continues to run smoothly. Ensuring that staff are trained and comfortable with the new technology, as well as confident in asking questions and giving feedback when necessary, will mean that your new meeting room technology will become a successful addition to your workplace. If your staff do not have a basic grasp on your new equipment, you run the risk of your technology not being used for its intended purpose or full potential. While good AV technology should always be intuitive for staff to understand without detailed instructions, a basic training process should always occur to ensure everyone is on the same page. This article will highlight different aspects of managing and maintaining your meeting room technology and why these are important.


As mentioned before, educating staff members on new technology is highly important to the smooth functioning of your workplace, as the main goals of these meeting room technology projects are often to improve productivity and communication. Staff members should have the confidence to use any tools necessary on their own, without the prompt or assistance of another person. Some simple ways to aid this would be to include training sessions and demonstrations following their installation. This can also be done through the AV company that delivered the installation, to allow for a more seamless transition. In addition to this, documentation and help guides are great tools that are easy for staff to access on their own if something goes wrong.

Measuring Usage

How to Manage and Maintain your Meeting Room Technology now that you are set up 1

Room and technology usage metrics can be a great tool for measuring space and capacity levels and limitations. This will allow your business to understand future meeting room and communication needs and requirements. Measuring usage also helps your AV installer make informed decisions on which technology equipment and options will be best for your individual business now and in the future. 

Staff and Customer Feedback

It’s very important to capture feedback from the end user, which is typically a staff member or stakeholder. Collecting staff and customer feedback will allow you to gauge just how effective your meeting room technology is from your user’s perspective. The experience of your staff members and clients is far more important than flashy new technology equipment, if it’s not enhancing your business’s conferencing experience then it will need to be improved. Capturing feedback around issues and constraints of the technology helps identify potential gaps and areas for improvements that could be made in the future. 

Finding the Right AV Partner

Working with an AV partner who can provide transparency and flexibility during the sourcing and installation process can help mitigate some of the challenges mentioned above. Previously, we have written a blog post on the 5 steps involved when working with an effective AV partner which goes into more detail about the kind of qualities you should be looking for. Generally speaking, having a good level of transparency ensures that your business can still get access to expert advice for future requirements. Alongside this, you’ll receive support from an expert partner in the field, and ideally someone proactive and responsive to your business needs and queries. This will significantly save time when attempting to get issues resolved or certain tech back up and running. A lot of the time this means that internal labour costs will be reduced as staff will not be required to fix problems. 

In addition to providing world-class office technology, Engagis can also work with you across every part of your future meeting room technology requirements. We strive to find AV technology solutions to your business’s individual needs and goals. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist in improving your workplace.

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