Laminex – Propelling an iconic Australian brand into the future

Propelling an iconic Australian brand into the future

Laminex, an Australian household brand known for its longstanding history and expertise as leading distributor and manufacturer in top quality decorative surfaces, was tasked with the challenge of propelling their brand into the future.

In order to achieve this Laminex had to step into the minds and motivations of a customer base that is continually changing, more time-conscious and technologically savvy. Laminex set about this customer focus  by coming up with a well-defined customer journey that depicts the different points at which a customer can search & engage, whether it be at home or in-store.

Along with the launch of a brand new website that allows customers to find inspiration and information, Laminex needed a physical space where these customers could also touch, feel, interact, and be delighted. This physical need gave birth to “The Hive by Laminex”, a concept showroom which would do all that and more…

How Engagis helped

Armed with a well-defined customer journey, Engagis in partnership with Telstra worked with Laminex to create and implement digital solutions that blended in with the design ethos of the Hive. This included the following solutions:  A brand new website was launched to support the new brand direction, and provide visitors with inspiration and information. The website is also used to empower visitors to find their style, locate a showroom nearby or book an appointment at the Hive.

Welcome Screen: A Welcome Screen was set up at the entrance of the store, enabling customers to learn more about what’s in-store.

Concierge & Booking System: An assisted service concierge solution, allowing staff to easily help customers find what they need as well as take bookings and handle priorities, all with the help of a tablet.

Find Your Style: An interactive solution which takes the customer through a quiz,  extrapolating their personal preferences and allocating a style based on the completion and result of the quiz. This has been implemented to narrow down the customers search journey in what is normally a complex and lengthy sales process.

Digital Tickets & Tap & Take: Digital tickets are placed throughout the store, enabling the customer to browse through the product catalogue, and save what they have viewed or liked. With the help of the Tap & Take Card (enabled at each digital ticket) the customer is also able to continue or complete the in-store journey at home by entering the data encoded onto the card online.

Lifestyle Designer: A large interactive table has been provided allowing the customer to interact and get a better visualisation of their chosen or preferred products and enable them to further customise their product selection.

Tap & Take Portal: The Tap & Take portal was created within the new DesignHub website to offer consumers a simple way of reviewing their designs and sharing with family and friends, ultimately providing a way for customers to continue their in-store journey at home.

Achieving the best result

Through the effective implementation of tasteful digital in-store, Engagis along with our partner Telstra have helped Laminex deliver an inspirational space for customers who are embarking on the journey of designing a kitchen. By creating touch points that allow the customer to browse, interact, and visualise in-store, we have helped Laminex create better connections with their customers more frequently.

In addition, the implementation of the Find Your Style application and the Tap & Take have been critical in reducing the otherwise complex and lengthy sales process of designing a space. Laminex are very pleased with how the Hive has taken off and are fully booked out months ahead for weekend tours. Engagis is proud to have helped Laminex make quality design accessible to more people.

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