Simple Digital Signage Updates that will improve the Overall Function of your Workplace

Modern workplaces rely on efficient communication and information sharing. To streamline these processes, digital signage has emerged as a simple and effective solution for workplace modernisation. By implementing digital signage, overall staff communication, collaboration, productivity, and the circulation of crucial information can be significantly improved. Engagis excels in providing tailored recommendations, sourcing, and installation of digital signage solutions, including cloud-based content management systems, media-playing software, and AV equipment. Upgrading your workplace with digital signage is essential to enhance functionality, so we offer practical suggestions for optimising your business. Here are some of the most simple yet effective digital signage tools and tips we’ve observed, that will help improve the overall function of your workplace.

Dynamic Wayfinding and Navigation

Utilise digital monitors and kiosks to offer directions and information about the workplace layout. This enhances visitor and client experiences, reduces confusion, and fosters an open and accessible atmosphere. Engagis has successfully collaborated with The City of Darwin to implement smart Wayfinding solutions. These solutions include unique signs displaying city maps, free Wi-Fi points, popular local attractions, and QR codes for instant transfer of the city map to visitors’ phones. This project has significantly improved customer satisfaction, showcasing the transformative impact of digital wayfinding.

Incorporating Collaboration Tools

Digital signage complements collaborative tools, providing a visual medium for information sharing and fostering a sense of teamwork. Displaying company values on digital signage serves as a constant reminder of shared goals among staff and stakeholders. By customising and strategically placing signs in central areas, important workplace information is integrated into the physical environment, surpassing the limitations of email chains and online access. This inclusive approach encourages team members to share their work and ideas in a centralised space, facilitating greater collaboration.

Analytics and Performance Monitoring

Effective data analysis and performance monitoring are crucial for any successful business. When integrated with digital signage, these practices offer a higher-level approach to utilising data. Firstly, performance monitoring of digital signage itself allows you to gauge its success and identify areas for improvement. By examining data, you can quickly adapt content or adjust its location to optimise interactions. Moreover, digital analytics and performance monitoring can be employed as a content tool, syncing analytics programs with digital signage to display organisational or departmental data. For instance, support teams can showcase the number of resolved cases on a central screen, highlighting their success.

Mobile Device Integration

Mobile devices have become integral to our lives, making them valuable tools in the workplace. Leveraging QR codes presents an efficient and interactive way to direct clients and staff to important information or links. Rather than limiting event announcements to basic points displayed on a screen, attaching a QR code allows staff to scan and access more details themselves. Similarly, displaying QR codes in the reception area can guide customers and clients to feedback sheets, enabling a comfortable and interactive feedback process.

By embracing and implementing digital signage tools and strategies, businesses can significantly enhance workplace functionality, communication, and productivity. Engagis is dedicated to supporting clients by offering expert recommendations, sourcing reliable solutions, and providing seamless installations tailored to their specific needs. Contact us today for advice on taking simple steps towards digital signage updates. As technology continues to evolve, staying up-to-date with digital signage advancements will be crucial for businesses to thrive in the modern workplace landscape.

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