Content is Key to Digital Signage Success

There’s more to digital transformation than simply putting up screens.

As more and more and more businesses are going online, brick and mortar stores are faced with the challenge to stay competitive in today’s digitally-inclined market.

Digital transformation is the universally accepted answer. We’ve seen it augment the value of physical stores through the newest technologies. That is why we see so many huge digital displays in malls, restaurants, and other high foot traffic places.

However, putting up a screen is not enough. You need a robust content strategy. Armed with more than 10 years of experience in the field, we’ve gathered our best practices in creating Digital Signage content.

1. Less is more

Too much of anything isn’t good for your displays. The aim is for your message to be grasped at a glance. Whatever you add to your content should enhance your message, and not overpower it.

No matter how enticing you think it could get, remember to keep it insanely simple.

  • Font
    Use 1 or 2 font types only. Sans serif keeps text legible, especially for digital use. You can use styling to add impact to your messages. Hierarchy keeps the most important info at the top. Say it with big bold letters, but be careful not to overdo it.
  • Text
    Keeping it short and sweet is key, so write brief copies that capture messages succinctly. Following the 3×5 rule is important in displaying text. Use only 3 lines with 5 words, or 5 lines with 3 words, to keep it clear and easily readable.
  • Colour
    Most designers use 3 three colours that play a role in making content stand out. Using the 60-30-10 rule, assign primary, secondary and accent colours that you want to see on your displays.
  • Imagery
    Visuals are a powerful element in effective Digital Signage content. Content with images are 43% more persuasive, so it’s important to use it wisely. Choose only quality images that best enhances your message.
  • Composition
    Make good use of design compositions such as the Z Layout, Rule of Thirds, and Golden Ratio to keep elements in the best real estate within your screen. These patterns work for a reason. They follow the natural movement of the eyes, and guides them through the elements and draws them to the focal point of content.

2. Move it

According to a study by Intel, animated content gets 5 times more views than static content. Plus, it engages audience longer! Animate your content with simple transitions or even complex motions, as long is it helps your message stand out.

But be conscious of readability. Too many moving elements can distract your audience from what you are trying to say.

3. Serve it fresh

Outdated content make your screens irrelevant. Today’s audience is constantly hungry for information, so be sure to keep your displays fresh with the latest news, weather updates, foreign exchange rates, schedules or social feeds.

Dynamic content helps you do this without manually updating your data every time you publish.

4. Spread the brand love

To make your content stand out even more, seal it with your brand. Don’t be shy and take the bold first step to making yourself remembered.

Reflect your personality in all the elements – your brand’s typeface, imagery, tone of voice, or overall style — to make displays recognisable, reliable, and most importantly, you.

5. Make them

Last, but definitely not the least, your content must invite your viewers to take action. Make your messages impactful – whether it’s a sale, event, or product promotion, or other types of message.

Tell your audience to do something. Make them discover, think, laugh, share. Make them remember.

See how our team profile video combines all these insights – showing that the best Digital Signage content can look great online, and on other digital channels too.

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