Discovering ‘Types’ of Shoppers

to best cater to your customers.



How We Help

Through identifying four types of shoppers, Engagis is able to design the customer experience to best serve everyone.

 1. The Locator

This customer knows what they want, is a fan of click & collect, curb-side pick-up, and a speedy interaction.

 2. The Issue-resolver

Just seeking reassurance, and looking to feel confident in their decision, this customer is already 90% of the way there in making a purchasing choice.

 3. The Explorer

The explorer wants to compare different products and assess their options.

4. The Dreamer

This customer is keen to have a squiz about the store, wander in and have a look at the latest products.

By focussing on the needs of four main customer groups, Engagis is able to design the ideal customer experience for each. This enhances and streamlines the process for both the staff and the customers, minimising stress, saving time and providing customers with a richer experience based around their needs.

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