4 Traps Enterprise Businesses Make When Choosing a Digital Signage Provider

When switching digital signage providers there can be several common ‘traps’ that many businesses fall into. While these are simple mistakes, we’ve detailed four of the traps that enterprise businesses often face when choosing a new provider, to ensure that you’re aware of the risks and are equipped with the right information to make an educated decision. A common theme throughout this article is the ‘price trap’ that many businesses fall into if they are looking to save money. While we acknowledge that saving on costs where you can is a crucial rule to follow in business, price should only be one factor when choosing the right digital signage provider. This is particularly important for enterprise businesses that have more complex requirements, security expectations and bigger brands to uphold. Low prices are great but you’ll need to consider the long term and what corners are being cut to make these costs so low. We will discuss this in further detail throughout the rest of the article. 

(1) Choosing a Provider Without the Experience Working with Similar Customers

We are far from looking down on any business that chooses to take the cheaper alternative when it comes to choosing a digital signage provider. However, we suggest that you refrain from choosing a provider without experience working with similar customers because of price alone. Choosing a provider that has worked with similar clients is beneficial to a successful digital signage partnership as it means that your provider has the skills and experience to deal with the unique needs of your field of work. Many enterprise businesses can get distracted by the lower costs of a digital signage provider without considering whether they have the knowledge and experience to support their business long-term. 

(2) Not Meeting with the Provider’s Delivery Teams

Following this, many businesses fail to meet with the different internal teams within their digital signage provider. Instead, they primarily focus on meeting the sales team before choosing them as a supplier. Meeting with people in different leadership positions, and project or support teams and interacting with them thoroughly, can help you gain an understanding of who the business is as a whole and their capability to eliminate risks at a later date. Remember that you’re allowed to take your time when choosing the right provider for your business. Starting on a trial basis or Proof of Concept (PoC) is something some businesses don’t realise they can do. We advise you to do this as a way to ‘test drive’ the service and your relationship with the provider before making a larger, more permanent decision.

At Engagis, we recommend that our customers meet our Project and Support teams before committing to any kind of contract. These team members are critical to the success of our clients in the future and the relationship we foster, as well as the general success of future projects. We are confident that our team will go above and beyond during this trial period and instil confidence in our potential clients. 

(3) Going With A Provider Who Only Provides Certain Elements of Digital Signage 

Once again we can see the common theme of businesses compromising quality for a lower price. Here, we want to remind you that a lower price may mean that fewer elements of the digital signage process are available to you through your provider. Having a comprehensive provider allows you to work with one team consistently for every aspect of your digital signage, from design to installation to maintenance. This saves time in the long run as you don’t need to establish new relationships and processes at every crucial step. Choosing a provider with an end-to-end offering can make for a more cohesive, comprehensive and seamless process.

(4) Compromising Security and Innovation To Get The Job Done For A Cheaper Price

Future-proofing your business through digital signage is crucial for ensuring that you’ll be able to seamlessly update any software or content as trends and technology progress. While a cheaper digital signage provider may look good from a financial standpoint, they may lack the more innovative software like Engagis’ Eze Suite Platform, which allows you to remotely schedule and publish content to your digital signage. Furthermore, the lack of innovative enterprise software may mean that your cheaper signage provider may not have a thorough IT security system, which is crucial in this day and age of advanced technology. 

At Engagis, we offer many solutions to the traps previously mentioned, including PoC’s, thorough security measures, 20+ years of experience, and comprehensive service. If you’re interested in switching to a professional digital signage provider who will be with you every step of the way, head to our website to see what we offer or contact us to receive advice on the best next step for your business.

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