Modernising Spendless Shoes With Digital Signage Displays

Spendless Shoes is a well-established Australian footwear retailer with over 30 years of experience and over 200 stores. Spendless Shoes reached out to Engagis as they were looking to modernise the signage within their stores and digitise it into something more streamlined for customisation. Essentially, they wanted to start simple and dip their toes into digital signage, before making any huge leaps into digital retail signage. A major goal for the Spendless team was to find a technology partner who could closely guide them through the process of digital signage design and implementation while, at the same time, setting them up to become more comfortable with future developments.

Modernising Spendless Shoes With Digital Signage Displays 1


After consulting with the client to understand their requirements and establish some clear goals, we were able to recommend, source and install suitable digital monitors at the front of several stores. Through the use of our Impress digital signage software, these monitors display loops of digital content, like images and videos, that showcase Spendless Shoes’ products and promotions in a colourful and engaging way.


The Spendless Shoes team were new to digital signage, so Engagis took a thorough and steady approach to ensure that staff members were comfortable with the new hardware before anything was provided. Once the projects were approved, the Engagis project management team provided their usual customer-centric service, working hand-in-hand with the client to install the technology on time and to a high standard.

Training and Additional Support

To ensure the process ran smoothly and will continue to do so in the future, Engagis was proactive in making sure Spendless Shoes was comfortable with our digital signage platform, and the technology transformation process they were going through more generally. This involved need-based education and training that worked well with the existing knowledge base of the client.


Engagis continues to deliver digital signage for Spendless Shoes stores across Australia to the highest standards. With a strong relationship, we continue to assist them in growing their retail digital technology portfolio. As the comfort around the technology and its value grows, Spendless Shoes will begin to leverage some of the other features of digital signage such as localisation, which is easily customisable through Engagis platforms. This will give Spendless the ability to create unique content based on different customer demographics and store locations.

Claudia Impedovo

Head of Brand, eCommerce & CX, Spendless Shoes

“As Spendless goes through a year of refurbishments, Engagis have been instrumental in bringing this vision to life. All new stores and refurbished stores are now fitted with the Engagis screens and technology. The ease of changing content makes the investment very worthwhile and the implementation as well as the monthly support has taken a lot of pressures off our internal teams. Not only do the screens elevate the store, but bring all the beautiful content we create to life and repurposes these campaigns in a way we haven’t been able to before. We hope to expand the screens to all 210+ stores and know this can be done with such ease by the Engagis team – both locally and rural.”

If you’re interested in updating your signage displays, check out our website to see how we can help or contact us today to speak with a professional for recommendations on how your business can benefit from the latest digital solutions. Engagis is more than willing to go at a pace that suits your business’s needs, to ensure that you’re getting the best possible experience and results from your digital signage.

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