Visitor Management

Visitor Manager by Engagis streamlines check in and allows you to free up resources

Visitor Manager by Engagis is a simple, secure, visitor management system that streamlines the check in of visitors, staff, contractors and couriers and provides real-time waiting information.  It frees up your staff for higher value interactions delivers a better visitor experience. You can choose or complete solution or simply run the software on your own devices.

Visitor Managemet System - Digital Signage Solutions - Engagis Australia

Visitor Manager offers a complete overview of a guest’s or employee’s journey, from the moment they receive their email invitation to their quick checkin at the visitor kiosk to their checkout. Managers are able to see visitor activity across different locations

How it works

Visitors sign in using the tablet or kiosk

They enter their details and select person they are visiting. Their visitor badge is printed and they are instructed to wait for their host.

The system notifies the host

Your employee receives an email or sms notification that their guest is here to see them.

The host greets the visitor

The visitor is welcomed by your employee, while the system keeps track of your guest’s check-in.

The CMS/VMS captures all the data

Your receptionist or concierge has insight into all visitor activities happening in the building


Configurable settings
Make the system fit your needs by defining what information you want to collect on check in

Send notifications to hosts when check in and check out are done

Digital visitor log and reports
All of your visitor logs are kept in a cloud based CMS where you can run reports

Branded experience
Keep your brand consistent on all visitor facing interfaces

Visitor badges
Improve security by identifying your visitors.

Visitor pre-registration
Speed the check in process by pre-registering visitors.

Hardware options

The Visitor Manager application that can run on any Windows device. For optimal results we recommend using hardware supplied by Engagis. From tablets, enclosures, kiosks and badge printers – we have you covered.

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